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Criteria for the ELTA elections 2014

ELTA members that want to run for the new ELTA board 2014 – 2018 must meet the following criteria:
        1. English teacher for at least 3 years of experience, and have a diploma on teaching English,
        2. Active ELTA members for at least the last 3 years,
        3. CV
        4. Member of other sister associates out of the country,
        5. 10 people supporting their election to ELTA board,
        6. Request to run for ELTA board,
        7. Personal statement: Why you want to be in the board? What are your strengths and weanesses? What can you do for ELTA? Mention 2 projects you want to suggest in order to develop ELTA. 
        8. Proof from the court that you are not convicted and are not under judicial procedures.
Send your application to the following address: eltaalb@gmail.com
Deadline for submitting your ELTA board member application is April 17 2014

25 – 27 April 2014 NATIONAL CONFERENCE, Tirana“Teaching & Learning English – a Challenge in the World Work Market”

2009 Elbasan Conference 13

(Deadline for Application: February 28, 2014) Learn more

26 -27 September 2014

Regional Conference, Lezha: “Teaching and Learning English for Fun: Challenges and Solutions”

2009 Elbasan Conference 14
(Deadline for Application: July 20, 2013) Learn more

14 – 15 November 2014

Regional Conference, Berat: “English and Employability” 

2009 Elbasan Conference 06

(Deadline for Application: September 30, 2013) Learn more